Skyscrapers with glass facade

Ideas to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

August 26, 2021 Energy consumption has grown exponentially in recent years. The large amount of energy used by commercial buildings accounts for 40% of the energy used in the U.S., topping over $369 billion in 2005. Businesses have grown the need to find different approaches to cut costs and reduce pollution. By making your building…
Hvac on a roof of industrial building

What is HVAC Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing?

July 22, 2021 To properly function, an HVAC system requires more than simply installing the equipment and turning it on. On its own, an HVAC system will provide heating and cooling, but indoor comfort may not be optimal. In fact, the system may function at a lower level of efficiency than it is designed for,…

Should I Retrofit or Replace?

While it is obvious that mechanical systems deteriorate and performance declines over time, knowing whether to retrofit a system or replace it is not always clear. The process of retrofitting involves keeping an existing system but improving an application within it so long as the system can still function as intended. Alternatively, replacing a system means the full removal of it along with the…

What Are the Mechanical Services in a Building?

When referring to mechanical services within a building, this commonly includes plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC, ventilation, elevators, and possibly even escalators. If moving components are involved, such as water, electricity, or gas, it is most likely a mechanical system.